Books About Exams

cytghb,jn.Exam season is coming to a close, so while I am still spending a fair amount of time thinking about exams, I thought I would make a post about books which feature exams – be it a main theme or a minor feature.

The Territory has exams with a twist – there is limited habitable space on the earth, and only those who pass the exams can stay in The Territory. However, as the rich can download information into their brains there is only really a risk for the poorer people in their society.

In Sleepless, there is a lot of pressure to do well at Clerkenwell, a posh school with very high standards. In order to achieve the results they need, a group of friends all take a pill to help them with their studies. However, there are many irreversible side effects which begin to take hold – and cost some of them their lives.

Lobsters is a love story which alternates between the perspectives of the two protagonists, and takes place in the summer after their A-Levels. However, there are many exam mentions throughout the book – such as the failed attempt to burn old textbooks, worries about exam results, and results day at the end of the novel.

Girl Online: On Tour opens to the protagonist, Penny, finishing her GCSEs, and even though the focus of the book is Penny joining her musician boyfriend, Noah, on a tour around Europe, when she is on her own she does think about what the future – and A-Levels – could hold for her once she receives her results.

Trouble is about a teenage girl called Hannah who becomes pregnant, and the boy who volunteers to pretend to be the father – but towards the end of the book, the characters have to take their GCSEs, and Hannah actually goes into labour during one of her exams!

Those were the main ones that sprang to mind for me – would you have added anything else to the list?


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