Recent Summer Releases

Summer is here, and with the summer comes lots of new book releases! There are many books which I cannot wait to read, so here is part one of some summer releases that I think look great, with books that have already been released over the summer period, in June and the beginning of July.

under rose tainted skies

Under Rose-Tainted Skies is probably the book I have been most looking forward to in July, as it looks absolutely fantastic! The protagonist, Norah, has agoraphobia and OCD, so lives her life without leaving the house, but the arrival of a new boy next door makes her want to change things. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this book – and a fun fact about it is that it has been printed with the cover in three different shades of pink, although the picture I have included is my favourite one. Also, today is actually the release day (7th of July), so I’ll have to buy a copy as soon as possible. (Edit: I posted a review here!)

paper butterfliesLisa Heathfield’s debut novel, Seed, was the gripping and tense story of a girl who lives in a cult, and I was absolutely hooked on it when I read it last August, so I knew when I heard that Paper Butterflies was coming out that I had to read it, as I was sure it would be just as good. I love her writing style, and the plot looks very interesting, so I’ll definitely be reading this during the summer. Release date was the 30th of June. (Edit: I posted a review here!)

love and other man made disastersLove and Other Man-Made Disasters is about Juno, a nervous teenager who is easily scared and worries a lot, so she is not looking forward to a ski trip with her mother, stepfather and stepbrothers. However, when she arrives, she meets a boy called Boy, and despite some initially negative feelings, she soon grows to like him. I have read this already, so this is included on this list of summer releases so I can recommend it, not because I’m looking forward to reading it. About halfway through the novel, there is a twist which drives the second half of the story, but I won’t give it away! I will definitely be posting a review of this soon as well. Release date was the 2nd of June. (Edit: I posted a review here!)

run 1Run is about two girls called Bo and Agnes. Bo is a bit of a troublemaker, while Agnes definitely isn’t, but when Bo needs to run, Agnes agrees to go with her. Agnes is disabled, as she is legally blind, and I think that there are also LGBT+ characters included, so I am pleased at the diversity that Kody Keplinger has included in the book. I’ve read The Duff and Lying Out Loud, also by Kody Keplinger, and thought that they were good, so I’m keen to read her latest book. Release date was the 28th of June. (Edit: I posted a review here!)

you know me wellYou can always rely on David Levithan to write an interesting book – my favourite book by him is Everyday – and he’s also done some excellent collaborations with Rachel Cohn, so I would like to read this new collaboration with Nina LaCour, You Know Me Well. It involves two LGBT teenagers who both have their own romantic troubles, who meet unexpectedly one evening. It sounds really good, so I would love to read it! Release date was the 7th of June.

These are the books that have recently been released this summer which I am keen to read. Soon I’ll be posting about some books which are yet to be released, so that will be up soon!

You can now read part two here!


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    • bookendsandendings says:

      You’re welcome! Love and Other Man-Made Disasters was a really enjoyable book, and I actually just posted a review of it. My favourite aspects were definitely the strong characterisation and the way that Juno learns to challenge herself 🙂


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