Upcoming Summer Releases

This post is the second part of my posts on summer releases. I’ve already done a post on books that have already been released this summer, which you can read here, but there are also some books that I am interested to read which have not been released yet. Fortunately, they’re all being released in the next month, so I won’t have to wait for long!

on the other side.jpgOn The Other Side is the second book that Carrie Hope Fletcher has written, but it is her first fiction book – the other one, All I Know Now, was advice and life-lessons. Evie Snow dies a peaceful age 82, but cannot go on to heaven until she has unburdened her soul by sharing the secrets which are preventing her from moving on. It looking absolutely intriguing, so I am really looking forward to reading it. The release date is the 14th of July.

songs about a girl.jpgA book which has come up very often on my twitter feed recently is Songs About a Girl by Chris Russell, which is about a girl who goes on tour with a band in order to be their backstage photographer. There has been a new trend recently of books featuring boy bands or protagonists going on tour, and I think they are always great fun to read. However, this book looks exceptionally interesting because not only is there a romance, but Charlie, the main character, also uncovers a secret about the band, which I feel will add a great twist to the story. The release date is the 28th of July.

waggd.jpgHolly Bourne is the writer of the Spinster Club trilogy, and What’s a Girl Gotta Do? is the final instalment. It focuses on Lottie, who is the most feminism-orientated of the trio, so the book will hopefully be even more packed with feminism than the other ones in the series. Holly Bourne is a fantastic writer; her characters have really strong personalities and her storylines are always interesting and keep you engaged, so I am very excited to read this! The release date is the 1st of August. (Edit: I posted a review here!)

unboxed.jpgUnboxed by Non Pratt is about five friends who created a time capsule together one summer. However, one of the friends was dying when they made the time capsule, and once the friend passed away, they decide to open it together. I have no doubt that this will be an amazing read, as Non Pratt is a wonderful writer. Also, the cover is absolutely beautiful! The release date is the 15th of August.

These are the upcoming summer releases which I am anticipating the most – what summer books are you most looking forward to reading?



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