Wattpad and Book Blogging

Some people may have heard of Wattpad; some may not have. For those who haven’t, Wattpad is an online story-sharing platform where people can post their work and read other people’s stories. You can vote for your favourite stories, leave comments, gain followers, create reading lists, and much more. It is accessible via both the web and an app, although some features are only available through one form.

I have been a member of the site for over three years, and I honestly love it. It is absolutely wonderful to be part of a community of people who are there because they love reading and writing, just like me. Naturally, as I think Wattpad is worth talking about, I wanted to write about it on my blog. However, I thought that some people might wonder how I link Wattpad with book blogging, because I originally created this blog to talk about books, so I thought I would explain.

Wattpad books, while not checked for quality, grammar, or anything along those lines, are still books, and on the site, you can find books of every genre – teen fiction, romance, humour and action to name but a few, and books can also be a combination of these things. Whatever it is you like to read, there will be something for you on Wattpad. Also, as you can access it from your phone, it literally means you have a library of free books which you can read from anywhere, as long as there is Wi-Fi, although I have been able to read on the app when I haven’t had Wi-Fi before, I just couldn’t view everything in my library.

Honestly, I think that there are many people out there who could benefit from Wattpad but aren’t because they don’t know that it exists, or because they don’t have the time to look for a book they want to read, and I want to help change that. I plan on making a post everyone once in a while about Wattpad, such as why I think people should use it and my favourite Wattpad books. Wattpad really helped me to gain an interest in writing, and in some ways this helped to start my interest in YA books, so Wattpad has been part of the chain of events that led me to start book blogging. It’s also helped me to be more critical of what I read, which is pretty useful when writing a book review on this blog!

Not only has Wattpad aided me in developing as a reader and a writer, but it has also launched some people’s careers in writing – for example, Anna Todd, Estelle Maskame and Beth Reekles all got discovered on Wattpad, and now they all have published books because they were so successful on the site. Wattpad has actually helped to form a part of the book blogging community by providing a platform for writers to showcase their talents, and in these cases, for writers to get approached by publishers.

Now, I think that all of this makes Wattpad very relevant and important to book blogging, in that it gives people ways to read and write, and readers and writers are two very important parts of the equation in the world of books, and it is because of this that I plan on writing a few posts on Wattpad. I hope that other people can see what Wattpad has given to me, and that it can give to others in the same way.


8 thoughts on “Wattpad and Book Blogging

  1. mstylermarii says:

    WattPad is the best. I’ve been writing on WattPad for almost a year now, and I’m addicted. I love reading the stories on there, writing my own, it’s a wonderful opportunity for upcoming authors as well. I’m so rude, I’m mstylermarii on here (of course) and on WattPad. Catch ya later


      • Akaluv says:

        I rarely read books on Wattpad. I used to write stories there. It seemed the only books readers were interested in were ones with already 100+ reads. Wattpad is a horrible website for new writers starting out. They do nothing to help promote undiscovered writers. However, that is just my opinion.


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