Five Twitter Chats for Book Bloggers

In my opinion, one of the best ways to get involved with the book community is to join Twitter and participate in some of the chats that go on every week. It’s a great way to get chatting to others with similar interests, and it’s always a lot of fun, so I would definitely recommend trying a few out. To make this easier, I thought it would be nice to post about five that I’ve seen on Twitter which you could try out if you wanted to have a go at one!

(In case you are unfamiliar with Twitter chats, they are chats that take place on Twitter [that’s the obvious bit], where an account tweets questions every few minutes and everyone in the chat responds to the questions using the same hashtag. There’s normally a theme, and you can track the hashtag and talk to people about their answers) (Note: all times referenced in this post are BST)

  1. #ukyachat, organised by @LucyTheReader. Lucy talks a lot about UKYA on her blog, and #ukyachat often has a focus on an aspect of YA that is to do with the UK. It’s on a Friday at 8:00pm, and she’s been trialling them on Wednesdays at the same time as well. This was the first Twitter chat I participated in, and it’s great fun, as Lucy always does a great topic, such as feminism, classics, or a theme related to a specific book with a guest author. There are also chats based around the UKYA book club Lucy set up recently, so I would really recommend this one!
  2. #TeenBloggersChat, organised by @TeenBloggersGR. This is another one of the chats that I try to participate in whenever possible! It’s on Sundays at 7:00pm. This chat is probably less of a chat for book bloggers in particular; it’s more aimed at teen bloggers, but book blogging does fall under that umbrella, so if you are a teen book blogger, it will work for you. There is a different topic each week, and it’s normally run by a different mod each week. Previous topics have included books, your blogging journey, Harry Potter (on the night of the release of the Cursed Child script!), fandoms – and once there was even a quiz with a prize for the winner!
  3. #SundayYA, organised by @_sectumsemprah. I think that this chat is usually on at 6:00pm on Sundays, but I cannot be entirely sure, as I’ve only ever participated in one, which was YALC themed, and on at 8:00pm (I think that was a one off). Other themes have included time travel in YA, taboo in YA and summer reads. I am really keen to join in with this chat again, as I think the topics are ones I would enjoy talking about, so this is one that I really need to do more often! (Edit: her username has changed to @_babblebooks)
  4. #FeminisminYA, organised by @helloiammariam. I must admit that I haven’t participated in this chat yet, or in chat #5 that I have included in this list, as I find that the first time is always the trickiest time to join in because you don’t necessarily remember the timings (once I went to see if a chat was on and realised that I was an hour late), but anyway – I had a look, and I think it’s held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm, although I’m not entirely sure, as I haven’t done it before. Feminism is such an important topic, and I am quite a passionate feminist, so I do think this chat looks like something I would like. From this chat, there must be lots of other feminists out there who would also like to talk about feminism in YA!
  5. #ChatClassics, organised by @theprettybooks. This chat is slightly different from the others in that it is hosted every three months, not weekly, and because of this, I’m afraid that I can’t give a precise timing! #ChatClassics is linked to the 2016 Classics Challenge, which is also run by Stacey, and it provides a chance to discuss the classics that people have been reading. The Classics Challenge runs every year, and I’d love to participate next year.

So these were some of the Twitter chats I could think of that you might like! Do any of you participate in these? Are there any chats that I’ve missed?


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