Four Reasons to be a Reader on Wattpad

This is another post in my series of posts about all things Wattpad (so far, I’ve talked about why Wattpad is relevant to book blogging). Today I thought I would give a list of reasons as to why you should become a reader on Wattpad, because I can think of many, and seeing as I love Wattpad so much, I’d like to convince others to use it too.

  1. There’s a lot of variety. I am firm in the belief that there is something for everyone on Wattpad. There is a good story to be found in every genre, from romance to crime. There’s comedy, if that’s your absolute favourite type of book, or maybe you’re passionate about historical fiction. Fanfiction is available for almost everything I can thin o, and there are stories in other languages too. Using the categories and tags, you should definitely be able to find something you’d like.
  2. It’s free. There is absolutely no cost involved in using Wattpad; all the stories are at your fingertips for no charge whatsoever. The only paid thing I’ve ever seen on Wattpad was a chance to crowdfund a popular book to turn it into a published work – and even then, there were rewards associated with the donation, e.g. a certain amount donated earnt you a copy of the book. It was not obligatory in any way, and (as far as I can remember!) you got your money back if the amount needed was not raised.
  3. It’s the perfect place to meet and interact with like-minded people. The only reason people join Wattpad is to read and write, and a great way to find out if you like the same things is to go onto the forums or chat to people in the comments on stories, and you can always move to the private messaging system. Wattpad is a site which is devoted to stories and words, and there is a range of ages, so there will be someone you have something in common with, if you enjoy making friends online.
  4. Wattpad will bring interesting things to your future. The website is only developing, and I’m loving seeing it expand. Who knows? You could read a future bestseller on Wattpad. Maybe one day, you’ll walk into a book shop and spot a Wattpad book on the shelves. There are also conventions – there have been two in London so far, and others all over the world. It’s such an easy way to make the future more interesting.

So, these were some reasons to be a reader on Wattpad. I think that just as it is important for people to contribute content to Wattpad, it is equally as important that there are readers for the stories! There’s no obligation to write if you join to read, but it can be an excellent way to get into writing (I’m going to be doing a post on why you should write on Wattpad too). Let me know if I convinced you to give Wattpad a go!


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