Five Reasons to be a Writer on Wattpad

I’ve already done a post on why you should read on Wattpad, but now I’m going to be exploring another element of Wattpad: the writing. One of the best things Wattpad did for me was kick start my love of writing, although it took over a year of being on Wattpad for me to successfully begin a full length novel. Two years on from then, and my writing has (hopefully) improved, and my head is always full of idea and characters. I’ve loved it, so I thought I’d spread the word about why I think people should write on Wattpad, especially when I’ve noticed that so many people in the book blogging community are keen on writing too.

I was planning on posting a review of What’s a Girl Gotta Do? today, but I got a little distracted by the YA Takeover quiz last night and didn’t end up writing it in time! It was worth it, though, as I won the quiz (I KNOW. I’M STILL HYPED FROM IT) and the review will be up on Monday instead. In the mean time, here is more on Wattpad – one of my favourite topics to talk about on my blog – and writing, because writing is great.

  1. There are lots of ways to get feedback. People can comment and vote on your stories, and many provide excellent feedback via the comments. It could range from compliments to constructive criticism, or even just an enthusiastic remark about a couple in your story. Whatever it is, it’s great to know that someone is reading – and probably enjoying – your story.
  2. It’s really motivational. The way Wattpad works means that you upload chapters one at a time. If you struggle to stay motivated, knowing that people are waiting for the next instalment can be very encouraging, as there is a little bit of added pressure to get that chapter down. This really helped me to finish my story on Wattpad, as I wanted people to be able to read it!
  3. It’s can be a great boost to your confidence. If people read your story and really enjoy it, it can be really beneficial for your confidence to know that your writing is valued, and that people like it, regardless of your inner critic. Wattpad can be completely anonymous, so you don’t have to show anyone you know, either. Beth Reekles, who was discovered on Wattpad, talked a lot about how much confidence she gained from writing online, so this is a definite benefit.
  4. There are loads of cool extras that make it exciting. You can design a basic cover for your story with the included images and fonts, you could make your own on Photoshop and upload it, or you could even turn to the forums with your request and see what people make for you (the results of this are usually excellent). If you have enough reader who love your story, sometimes someone will make you a banner, or you could request one on the forums – and requesting a trailer is also possible. It’s awesome to see your story coming to life through the media available.
  5. You have the potential for immense success. This one is perhaps a less common, but there is always the chance that, with commitment, quality writing, and a little bit of luck, you could make it big on Wattpad. There are users with hundreds of thousands of followers, and this has led to books being crowdfunded to publication, and even some books being picked up by a major publishing company (I’m going to be doing a post on some Wattpad success stories, because I find them really inspiring!).

Have I managed to convince you to post on Wattpad? Let me know if you enjoyed this post, if it made you want to write online, or – if you already write on Wattpad – if you could think of any other reasons! Do let me know if this sways you, as it would be interesting to have a look at your writing.


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