The YA Takeover Recap

If I gave my posts subtitles, the one for this post would be ‘what it is, and why it was awesome’. The YA Takeover was an event that took place from last Friday evening to Sunday evening (19th to 21st), and it was, as previously stated, awesome.

When I first stumbled across it on Twitter, I was a little confused, as I didn’t really understand what it was! However, it looked interesting, so I was keen to participate. It began at 7:00pm with a panel on bullying in YA, and it quickly became clear to me that the YA Takeover was essentially like YALC, but via the internet. There were forty five minute long panels organised, which began every hour on the hour, and each had a theme – some examples are LGBT: Be Who You Want to Be, YA Thrillers and Hope and Resilience. Authors whose books were relevant to the topic were invited to be on the panels, and bloggers would host, tweeting a question with the hashtag #YATakeover every few minutes, and the authors would reply to the question. Sometimes the questions weren’t too specific, so people who were participating could answer too! Often at the end, people could tweet in questions for the authors, and I loved having the opportunity to ask some amazing authors about their books and writing.


Eric Lindstrom and Siobhan Curham gave me advice when I asked what their tips were for improving your writing.


Michael Grant told me which character in the Gone series he would most like to be friends with.

Not only were there discussion panels, there was also a quiz, as well as a multitude of giveaways throughout the three days. For (I think) every panel, there was an associated giveaway with one or more of the books from the authors involved in that panel. One of the giveaways was for a copy of The Deviants by C. J. Skuse, which only comes out in October, so that was pretty cool as well. Because there were so many giveaways, the chances of winning something was quite high, and I’m happy to say I won a copy of Movers by Meaghan McIsaac. I also came away with a monstrously long list of books I need to read, as often a question for the authors was what books they would recommend.


Some of the book recommendations from Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season.

However, the highlight of the event for me was definitely the quiz on the Friday evening. There were six rounds, and to win the point for a question you had to give the name of the book, the author, and use the hashtag in a reply to the tweet with the question in. There were various ways that the question could be posed, ranging from a section of the cover, to a series of emojis, or a quote from the book. There was lots of frantic typing, and it was very close, but in the end I won! It was absolutely amazing, and I felt elated for the entire weekend, and I shall be posting pictures as soon as the prize arrives – books!


I was over the moon!

One of the reasons I am writing this post is that I think (and I hope!) that there is a #YATakeover held every six months (from their site, I found out that there was one last January as well), and seeing as I had such a wonderful time, I thought it would be fun to spread the word and make sure as many people as possible knew about it for next time. If you’d like some more information, here are links to their Twitter, Instagram and website.

Will you be participating next time? Did you join in this time? Let me know! Also, an enormous thank you to Chris for organising the entire event – it was sensational!


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