September Releases

The end of August means that summer is coming to an end, and that everyone who’s been on summer holidays will be going back to school or university soon. However, it also means that there will be some new books being released soon, many of which I am highly anticipating! Normally I don’t post on two consecutive days, but I realised that today is the last day of August, so I thought I’d better post this before September begins, as otherwise it’s a little late. So, here are the five books I’m looking forward to most in September.

the gracesThe Graces by Laure Eve has been appearing a lot on my social media feeds, which to me indicates that it will be a book worth reading! It has a gorgeous cover, for a start, and a mysterious, captivating idea. It’s a thriller about a group of women called the Graces who are rumoured to be witches, and a girl called River, who is intrigued by them. However, no one really knows who – or what – the Graces are. It sounds utterly compelling, and I highly anticipating reading it. The release date is the 1st of September (not long to wait!).

as i descendedAs I Descended by Robin Talley is a retelling of Macbeth in the modern day. It is set in a boarding school, and instead of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, there is Maria Lyon and Lily Boiten. I read and enjoyed Macbeth, and I adored Lies We Tell Ourselves, another book by Robin Talley (I loved it so much that I included it in my post on the best books I’ve read in 2016 so far!). I’m hoping that it won’t be too scary, as I’m going to be making a revised list of my favourite books of this year, and I’m anticipating including this book on that list, because this book seems really gripping, and looks like something I’d enjoy. The release date is the 6th of September.

born scaredBorn Scared by Kevin Brooks is the story of Elliot, a boy who is scared of so many things that he requires pills to manage his fear. His medication is running out when there is a snowstorm, but when his mother leaves to go fetch his pills, she doesn’t come back. I’m really looking forward to reading this, as the mystery blurb is quite striking and has really caught my eye, and I’ve enjoyed a couple of Kevin Brooks’ other books. The release date is the 8th of September.

lydiaLydia: The Wild Girl of Pride and Prejudice by Natasha Farrant is the second retelling I’ve included on this list, but this one is of Pride and Prejudice, and the unique twist that this book gives to the tale is that it is told from Lydia’s perspective. Lydia is such an interesting character, and I think it is very accurate to call her the wild girl of the original story, so I’m curious to see things from Lydia’s perspective. The release date is the 1st of September.

i'll be home for christmasI’ll Be Home For Christmas is an anthology of poems and short stories about home written by a wide range of authors, from Holly Bourne to Julie Mayhew, and some of the profit made from the book will be going towards Crisis, a charity which helps to tackle homelessness. There are so many authors contributing who I’m a massive fan of, and it’s raising money for a good cause, which is such a lovely idea. I don’t know if it’s ever too early to start getting ready for Christmas, but September seems like a good place to start – with this book. The release date is the 22nd of September.

These are my most anticipated releases of September! Are you looking forward to any of these? Are there any other September releases that you’d recommend? (Also, expect reviews of some of these soon!)


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