October Releases

It doesn’t feel like it was only a month ago that I was posting about September releases, but here I am – how quickly the time has gone! It’s quite strange to think that we’re three quarters of the way through the year, and it’s getting close to winter (and Christmas!).

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another post on the monthly releases, but when I realised how many amazing books are coming out this month, I decided that I simply had to (although I don’t think there’s as many new releases over the rest of the year, so I may do a combined one for November and December). Anyway, here are four books which I am really looking forward to the releases of over the next month – I was ruthless and chose four from all the amazing-looking books of this month that I am particularly anticipating.

holding-up-the-universeFor a start, the obvious one: Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven. After really enjoying All The Bright Places, and seeing so many bloggers talking about how excellent this book is, I am so excited to read it. Jack and Libby are two teenagers with something about them that has set them apart, but together the loneliness begins to subside, despite the unfortunate circumstances that have brought them together (community service and group counselling). Add on to all of this that the cover is absolutely stunning, and I can’t help but think that this is one special book that will be worth the months of waiting. It’s due for publication on the 6th of October.

the-last-beginningNext up, we have The Last Beginning by Lauren James. At the end of Another Together, a short story which Lauren James wrote as an extra to The Next Together (and I wrote a blog post on why you should read it!), there was the first chapter of The Last Beginning and it was so good! It’s an LGBT time travel romance, and the last instalment in the duology, and I am very keen to read it. She’s also been releasing extras recently, and is continuing to do so up until the release, with the two stories in emoji formtwo stories in emoji form, and how a scene has progressed from first draft to final version. These have made me anticipate this book even more! This book is also due to be published on the 6th of October.

our-chemical-heartsKrystal Sutherland’s debut, Our Chemical Hearts has been making regular appearances on my Twitter feed since June, so I have literally been waiting for this book for months. It’s about a boy called Henry, and the fact that the girl of his dreams isn’t exactly how he expected her to be. There was a teaser of it posted online a while ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I know I’ll enjoy the whole book too! The film rights were also optioned a while ago, which is very exciting, and cover is absolutely gorgeous (the fish are so cool!). The publication date is the 4th of October, so it’s the first book on this list to be released.

haunt-meThe final book of this month that I am highly in anticipation of is Haunt Me by Liz Kessler, particularly as I liked her other young adult novel, Read Me Like a Book. I’m not completely sure what is it about, as I found the description on Goodreads a little bit confusing, but I think it’s about how a girl, Erin, can see the ghost of a boy called Joe, and at the same time knows his brother, Olly, and from what I gathered from the blurb, there’s a love triangle. There’s also poetry and apparently it is heart-breaking, so I am very keen to read it. This will also be published on the 6th of Oct0ber (this seems like a popular day for books to be published this month!).

What books are you looking forward to this October? Are your most anticipated reads the same as mine, or something else?


13 thoughts on “October Releases

  1. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    I didn’t realise The Last Beginning was LGBT… the couple in The Next Together is heterosexual, are they not? But anyway! I hope you like the book. I actually really disliked The Next Together (oops), but I’m kind of tempted to read TLB just because I’m curious how it all ends. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • bookendsandendings says:

      Yeah, in TNT it was Katherine and Matthew (heterosexual couple) but in TLB there’s Clove and Ella (homosexual couple, and also Clove is their child, I think). I enjoyed TNT, but found it a little bit confusing at times, so I might reread it before TLB! Let me know if you give it a try 🙂 Also, I followed your blog! You have so much great content that I had to follow 😀


      • Reg @ She Latitude says:

        OOOH, that makes sense! I forgot all about Clove. Yeah, Clove is their child – the one they had to reincarnate like four times to give birth to, haha. I found TNT confusing as well, and the writing wasn’t really my thing. I’ll be looking out for your review for TLB. 🙂

        And thanks! Glad to have you on board. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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