Halloween Recommendations

There has been a lot of build up towards Halloween on my Twitter feed, with lots of discussion about spooky books, and some Halloween-themed blog posts and videos as well. I think they’re great, so I wanted to write my own blog post on books that I think are perfect to get in a Halloween-y mood. I’ve been thinking of books for a little while and I’ve built up quite a few ideas, so I’m going to group them into three groups to make it neater and more straightforward, and also so you can see the theme for each group of books!


The first selection of Halloween books are the books which in my opinion are the scariest books in YA. Little Tiger Press have a series of books entitled Red Eye, which are all YA books with a horror theme. They’ve currently got six titles out, and are due another one called Fir by Sharon Gosling. Admittedly, I’ve only read one of them (I’m not really a big fan of horror), which was Sleepless by Lou Morgan, which I thought was such an interesting and creepy take on exams, and I wrote about it in my blog post on books about exams. I’ve also received an in-depth plot summary of Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell from my sister (My Shelf and Myself) and it’s been chosen for the Zoella Book Club too. I love how these book covers coordinate, and if you love horror books, then I would very much recommend having a look at these books!


If you are more like me and would rather get into the spirit of Halloween with some books which are slightly creepy as opposed to terrifying, I have some different recommendations! These all have some element which makes them a little bit eerie and so perfect for Halloween! As I Descended is a Macbeth retelling, The Sleeping Prince is the second book in a series, and it has some quite spooky characters and fantastical creatures, The Graces focused on three characters who are thought to be witches, Haunt Me focuses around a girl’s relationship with a ghost, and Born Scared largely takes place outside at night and with two robbers, and I thought it was definitely creepy.


Finally, I also thought of a few books which aren’t YA in order to branch out a little bit. I’ve picked out three classics: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dracula and Frankenstein. I must confess I haven’t read any of these, but I really want to! There are so many books that I want to read and I just don’t have time and it makes me very sad. I also thought of Carrie by Stephen King, which I have read because I wanted to read the book before I watched the film, and I thought it was very spooky and sinister indeed!

I hope these suggestions will inspire you to pick up a spooky book or two before (or after!) Halloween – let me know if you decide to read any of these, as I would love to know your thoughts! Do you have any other spooky suggestions?

I talked about a couple of the books mentioned in the YA choices in my posts on September releases and October releasesOctober releases, so I thought I’d link to them here.


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