Reorganising My Bookshelves

Reorganising My Bookshelves.png

A while ago, I was inspired by Grace Latter’s amazing bookshelves and reorganised my own, taking several pictures in the process. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it since, but only remembered when I did the NYT By the Book tag, as one of the questions was on how you organise your shelves. So, here is my process of reorganising my shelves!


First, here is a before picture. As you can see, the top shelf is in a vague rainbow order, and the bottom shelf is categorised by series, but on each end the order is starting to slip with some rather random additions, and because the shelves were organised differently, it looks pretty unorganised at a glance. I thought a reorganisation was definitely in order!


I also had a problem in that not only did they look unorganised, but I had several books that needed to be added onto my shelf, with not enough space for them all. Another thing I wanted to do was choose some books to get rid of, using Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf’s guide on culling books, in order to make space for the additions I’d bought or won recently.

I started out by taking everything off my shelves and putting them in stacks while I decided how to approach the task. It was also pretty cool to see my vast array of books spread across the floor!


To start with, I got the series from when I was slightly younger and put them in order, then put them on the book. I don’t have many shelves, but they are quite deep, so I can double layer my books – hence the slightly older ones go at the back.


Then I put the books that aren’t YA at the back section of my other shelf. This included non-fiction, poetry, a couple of economics books, classics and adult fiction. I just need to not forget they’re there, as they’re out of sight now, but I still really want to read some of them.

To that row of books, I added hard backs or just generally big books that would stick out if they were at the front, books with spines that I thought were less pretty, and my smaller books (although I was very sad to put Beth Reekles’ short story at the back), which rounded off that row pretty nicely.


Sifting through them to work out what was going back on my shelf had given me ample opportunity to see all my books, so it was then that I sorted out the pile of books which was going to be gotten rid of – sold on eBay (something I am yet to try), given to a charity shop, swapped with friends, some way to send them to a nice new home!


Finally, I could move on to the remaining books, which I knew I wanted to put in rainbow order! It’s definitely the trend at the moment, and I think it looks great, so I can see why everyone’s doing it. To make putting them on the shelves a little easier, the first thing I did was group them with books that had spines of the same colour.


At last came the bit I’d been looking forward to the most – putting them on the shelf! I am so pleased with how it turned out, and think it looks so much better than before. There’s also a small space either side, which means I have space to put new books on my shelf as well.

What do you think of my reorganised shelves? How do you like to organise your bookshelves?


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