Christmas Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Whenever it comes around to Christmas time, sometimes I know what gifts I want to give, but a lot of the time I find myself with absolutely no idea of what to get someone. Today, I thought I’d do a post on some gift ideas which could be useful if you’re struggling to think of what to get the bookworm(s) in your life (or alternatively, if you’re looking for ideas of what to ask for!).

  1. A book. This feels like an obvious one, but it really is the simplest answer. After all, it is probably the favourite item of bookworms everywhere. However, matters can be complicated by whether or not the person has read the book already. To combat this I would advise finding a way to ask them subtly, perhaps using a friend, or asking them outright if subtly is not necessary. Within the topic of books, there is a multitude of options: a classic, a poetry anthology, a YA book – you could even preorder them a book that hasn’t been released yet! I’m also going to be doing a list of Christmas recommendations soon, so you could always select a festive book to get them in the Christmas mood.
  2. Bookends. The picture here is the photo I use for most of my social media, but it also features my beautiful bookends, as well as some books that could serve as inspiration for #1 on the list. Personally I think they are gorgeous, as they are rather minimalist, and therefore look good against most backgrounds and with most books (and obviously they hold up books as well!). I always wanted a set of really lovely bookends before I found these, and chances are your bookworm friends will too, so why not have a search online to find some that you think will look great?book ends.jpg
  3. Fandom merchandise. Obviously most bookworms will belong to multiple fandoms, but quite a few will have one or two fandoms which they absolutely love. If you know which fandoms the person you’re buying for likes, then you can find the perfect gift within that. For example, if they like Harry Potter (I mean, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t!) then you could get them something within that theme. If they like The Mortal Instruments series, then you could get a necklace with one of the runes on it, or some temporary tattoos with runes on them. You get the idea – fandoms all the way!
  4. Accessories for books. Books are wonderful – so why not deck them out? Okay, so there aren’t that many ways to accessorise books, but there a couple of options. Bookmarks are the obvious option (you could link it to the fandom suggestion above and get a fandom themed bookmark), but you could also get a nifty book light, which clips to your book to make it a bit brighter.
  5. Book themed accessories. You can go one further than just reading books – you could also use them to inspire accessorises! If you search on Etsy, you could probably find anything you can imagine, but what springs to mind immediately for me is using books and words in jewellery, such as on earrings, charm bracelets, necklaces (and this links to the fandom suggestion as well!).

I hope that these suggestions have left you feeling inspired to go and complete all your Christmas shopping for any bookworms that need gifts! Let me know in the comments if you decide to go for any of these ideas, or if there’s something else you have in mind for when you go Christmas shopping.


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