London Wattpad Convention 2016 Recap

I haven’t talked about Wattpad on my blog for a little while, but you might have seen a few of my posts about the site from a couple of months ago. Every year for the past three years, there has been a convention for the story-sharing website Wattpad in London in December, which my sister and I always go to together, and there are always lots of fun panels and activities to enjoy.



I’m a Wattpad ambassador, so I went along early to help with the set-up. I ended up putting swag into bags, which was quite a task as there were lots of bags to be filled! Each bag contained three stickers, two with the Wattpad logo and one a 10 year celebratory one, as well as a badge, a wristband and a notebook. We stacked them up on the table, and I was a little nervous they would all fall off, as they were stacked up fairly high, but luckily the mountain held.


The table of swag.

There were four panels across the day: What Wattpad Means to Me, How to Get the Most Out of Wattpad, Ask Wattpad Anything, and Industry Insiders. Each panel had multiple Wattpad users, many of them with over 1 million reads on their stories, and they would share their experiences and advice with the audience. I think I enjoyed the first panel the most, as it had the most authors who I’m a fan of (Reekles, leigh_, and justlyd), but I also loved the Ask Wattpad Anything panel, as they shared lots of ideas and projects that are either in progress or hope to work on in future.


Sample of Gilded Cage.

There were also loads of other fun things going on throughout the day. The main thing was a poetry competition in honour of Wattpad’s 10 year anniversary, where you had to write a haiku on the topic of ‘What Wattpad Means to Me’. There was a raffle, and both a lunch and coffee break in which you could socialise and say hi to people. I chatted to Beth Reekles for quite a while with my sister, which was awesome as I am a huge fan of her and her books (and in case you haven’t heard, her book The Kissing Booth is going to become a film on Netflix!). I said hello to Vic James as well, who has a book coming out in paperback in January, and she gave me a sample of the book which I really enjoyed.


Selfie with Beth Reekles!


Selfie with Leigh!


My swag.

I also went over to talk to Leigh (whose book, Human Error, I talked about in my blog post on my favourite Wattpad books), and she was absolutely lovely and so friendly. I got to be in her vlog of the event as well, which was so cool. I got to chat to a group of other writers on Wattpad (Bronte and Grace – links to their profiles), so now I have lots more stories to explore, as well as getting to meet Lydia, whose stories I’ve already read.

The results of the haiku competition were announced, and the winners of the raffle were drawn. Photos were taken, and thank you was said to the organisers of the event. Then, sadly, everyone had to say goodbye for another year. It was an absolutely amazing day, with a great variety of panels and so many fab events, and I am already excited for the next one.


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