A Book I Would Give as a Gift

Today on my blog, as well as my Blogmas post, I am going to be participating in the #YaXmasTour! The YA Xmas Tour is visiting lots of different blogs, so you should definitely search the hashtag on Twitter to find lots of other fun posts. My post for the tour is about a book which I would give as a gift, which I thought was very fitting after the post I did on Christmas gift ideas for bookworms, where one of the suggestions was a book. While this might sound a tad daunting – how to choose when there are so many amazing books out there? – there was one book which I knew was the perfect choice as soon as I’d thought of it.


Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne is the perfect gift in every way you can think of, as I think it has pretty much everything you could want in a book. The story centres around Evie, who is attempting to lead a ‘normal’ life as she begins sixth form, while learning to manage her OCD. However, the book does not just explore mental health – it also embraces the topics of friendships, relationships, and feminism, which I think are all really important topics to be covered in books.

The book definitely appeals to a wide audience and to all different tastes. There are the strong female friendships and their grassroots feminist group for all the passionate feminist readers (like me!). There is exploration of dating, boys, and relationships for the people who enjoy books with a focus on romance. For those who are looking to read around mental health and learn more about OCD, Am I Normal Yet? is the perfect choice as well. There are heavier moments, and light-hearted ones as well, so the tone of the novel is balanced.

One of my favourite parts of the book is the section where Evie rants about the misuse of mental health terminology, and I feel like this is another perfect reason why this book would make a perfect gift – the receiver will come away much more educated about mental health, misconceptions around it, and the right attitude to have.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to make it a perfect gift, it is also part of a series! This means that not only do you get to enjoy reading about Evie, Amber, and Lottie in Am I Normal Yet?, but there are two other books in the series, with a focus on the other friends, and a novella. By giving this book as a gift, the lucky receiver will come away with an introduction to a whole series, not just one book, and trust me, they will definitely be interested in reading the rest of the series.

So overall, I think that this book is the perfect gift to give someone this Christmas. I honestly do not know a single person who did not enjoy this book. Am I Normal Yet? is the kind of book that makes you feel, makes you think and leaving you pondering the story and the themes for literally months, and I have recommended it to so many people that for me it would be an amazing book to give to someone else.

A big thank you to La Chouett for organising such a fun blog tour! I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope lots of people go away and read Am I Normal Yet? now.


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