Pokémon Go Book Tag

pokemon-go-book-tagA long while ago, Amber at The Mile Long Bookshelf did the Pokémon Go Book tag, and she tagged anyone reading the post – and I thought it looked like something fun to do to include in Blogmas, so I decided I was going to take her up on it and do it myself. The tag was created by Aentee at Read At Midnight (and she stated in the original post that Pokémon Go belongs to Niantic and Nintendo!).

Unfortunately, there was no space for Pokémon Go on my phone – I mean, it was probably a good thing, as it sounded like something I could have easily been so distracted by, and that would have meant less time for reading. I do feel like I missed out on a source of excellent entertainment though, and I had to pacify myself with playing with my friends on their phones while out and about. Anyway, onwards with the tag!


I don’t actually know the answer to this – I can’t specifically remember that far back! However, I think there are some definite childhood favourites that I can think of. The Biff and Chip books are classics for when you’re just starting to read, and I think the Rainbow Magic books were absolute staples for me. Then there’s the obvious ones: the Harry Potter books. To be honest, I don’t know any bookworms who don’t view these books as a definitive part of their childhood.


I don’t want to go on about the Harry Potter books too much, but Harry Potter! I feel like other books will come and go, but Harry Potter will always be a special series to book lovers everywhere.


This is a tricky one, as there isn’t anything in particular that I have lost interest in due to its popularity. I usually find that if a book is everywhere, I feel motivated to read it as I think that it’s clearly worth reading if so many people enjoyed it! If I’ve already read it, then normally it just increases my enthusiasm for it. Nothing springs to mind for this one.


If I’m being brutally honest, I think that Night Owls by Jenn Bennett did feel a bit like a typical YA romance novel. However, that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it – it was such a lovely book, and it was quite an interesting idea (although I found some aspects slightly morally questionable).


For me, the answer to this is obvious – The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Not only are there seven enormous books, particularly the last book in the series, City of Heavenly Fire, but there is also a prequel series, The Infernal Devices, a series to follow on from the main series, The Dark Artifices, and there are other books to, like The Bane Chronicles and The Shadowhunter’s Codex. So many books, and so I’m not going to start any time soon.


I can vividly remember reading Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda and reading it late into the night because I adored it so much. It was such a good book, and the story was so compelling, that I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.


For this one, I think I have to go with a couple from an old favourite of mine – Mia and Michael from The Princess Diaries. There was something about them which really had me rooting for them, and as they were one of the first distinctive fictional couples I’ve ever read about, they’ve really stuck out in my memory.


I would say that Blame by Simon Mayo, which I actually reviewed a couple of months ago, was definitely a fast-paced book! It was absolutely thrilling and completely action-packed, so it’s an easy choice for this one.


For the third time, I’m going to mention the Harry Potter series – this year, there has been the release of the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I think that people would generally read Harry Potter spin offs for as long as they’re kept coming; I once saw a tumblr post detailing an idea for a prequel series about the marauders, and I would love to read something like that.


So many! There are lots of books which I am so looking forward to, but I think of all of my anticipated debuts, there are two outstanding (and I’m talking about one of them below, so the attention is going to be on the other one). Since the summer, I have seen so much of Laura Silverman and her upcoming debut, Girl Out of Water, on my Twitter feed, that I think it would be impossible not to be incredibly excited for it. I think it sounds so good, and there has been loads of positive feedback about it from people in the US who have received ARCs, so I very much want to read it.


Without a shadow of a doubt, my answer for this has to be Alice Oseman. She has written two amazing books, Solitaire and Radio Silence, and I’ve talked about both of them in various posts – most recently in my review of Radio Silence, but in other places as well. Her books are absolutely phenomenal, she is incredibly talented, and I will undoubtedly automatically be buying her third book when it comes out (she’s also tracking the process of writing it on YouTube, which is such a fun idea).


I’m not sure if I can really say a series is overhyped if I haven’t read it yet, because then I don’t think I’m not in a position to judge, and at the moment I’m trying not to read too many series, as I find it so frustrating having to wait for another book after a cliffhanger. Does anyone else feel the same?


At the end of July, I saw photos of the cover reveal for Wing Jones, Katherine Webber’s debut novel, and since then I have been so keen to read it. I have heard so much positive feedback about this book, and thankfully I don’t have to wait much longer as it comes out at the beginning of January, but it has been a long wait!


Waiting for Callback, which I reviewed recently, was a book that I was expecting to enjoy, as it sounded like a fun idea. However, I definitely was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did! I didn’t find it cliché, I thought it was funny but the embarrassing moments were realistic – it completely surpassed my expectations.


Ooh, this is a tough one! There are some really beautiful editions of books that I would love to own, but they’re from other countries, or I already have a copy of the book (in which case I don’t think I’d buy another copy). The American edition of Under Rose-Tainted Skies was absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to have that to sit beside my British copy.

That’s it for the Pokémon Go book tag! It was such a fun tag to do – although some of them were quite difficult to answer. I’m not going to tag anyone (especially when I technically wasn’t tagged), but if, like with me, this takes your fancy, then I think you should go ahead and do it.


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