GUEST POST: A Christmas Carol Book Tag

Hi I’m Eleanor from Eleanor Read A Book and I was invited to do a guest post for Blogmas, so thank you Jess and without further ado I present the A Christmas Carol Book Tag!

Jacob Marley: Scrooge’s dead business partner, who carries his actions through the afterlife as chains.  Can you name a dead character who you felt an attachment to throughout the story despite the fact they were not alive?

This is so hard to answer without giving away spoilers of characters who die, therefore I went with Evie from On The Other Side as the whole book is based on her in the afterlife. I became attached to Evie during the story because it was refreshing to read about a character who had troubles in their life, but the story wasn’t living those struggles it was the looking back on them, which I think is more painful and I wanted to protect her from that.

Fred: Scrooge’s jolly and generous nephew.  Can you think of a jolly character emulating Fred’s generous nature?

Levi from Fangirl is the obvious choice here for me and has been ever since I first read A Christmas Carol and saw so many parallels between the two. I struggle to explain how these characters are so similar, but if you have read both books I’m sure you know what I mean.

The Ghost Of Christmas Past: described as childlike.  So, who is your favourite childlike character?

Again, this was an easy answer: Richard Manners from the Geek Girl series! He is such a great character all round due to his quirky childlike nature always landing him in a spot of bother. I know that Richard Manners is definitely very different in his childlike nature to the Ghost Of Christmas Past, but I feel he would be very pleased with the comparison!

The Ghost Of Christmas Present: A giant friendly spirit hiding Ignorance and Want, his only flaw. Is there a rather flawed character that you can’t help but love?

Obviously, Baz from Carry On, he’s a vampire and spent seven years trying to kill Simon to hide his love, that’s one flawed character, but we love him anyway, much like the spirit.

The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come: A black hooded figure.  Can you think of a mysterious character?

From a recent read, River from The Graces. Even as our narrator she is still incredibly mysterious saying very little about herself and being an unreliable narrator.

Tiny Tim: The disabled son of Bob Cratchit, best known for his cheerful optimism and ‘God bless us, everyone’. Can you name a character or book that you often find yourself quoting?

For me, Polly from All Of The Above is a character I often find myself quoting due to her very realistic, gritty outlook on life, especially sexuality.

Scrooge: The miserly protagonist. Is there a character that you have a hatred of and why?

Now you would think that because I wrote these questions I would have an answer for this question, but I don’t. I love all the characters I read about for different reasons and can usually see their importance to the story.

And finally, who do you tag?

I tag anyone who’s running out of Christmas ideas and wants to use this or just wants to do the tag!

That was my A Christmas Carol Book Tag and guest post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and Merry Christmas.


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