GUEST POST: A Monster Calls Movie Talk & Trailer Reaction


Hey there! It’s Eve @ Twist in the Taile here, presenting to you today many flailings about A Monster Calls. And of course thanks so much to Jess for asking me to write a guest post. I feel very honoured and ~bloggery~. *nods*

Okay, I know this movie is technically released on New Year’s Day, but it still counts as Christmas-related, right?! I mean, yes, obviously, because a) I am always right, ahem, and b) WHAT COULD BE A BETTER PRESENT THAN A NEW COOL MOVIE BASED ON A COOL BOOK.

If you can’t tell: I am very, very excited for this. I’ve basically been excited for it since it was announced. I was excited when the trailer first came out. And then I was excited when I visited Spain and saw all the posters. (It was released there in October sometimes, I believe.) And then I was VERY EXCITED when the trailer showed in the cinema just before I saw Fantastic Beasts.

Yeah, no. MUCH EXCITEMENT. I fell in love with the book by Patrick Ness and Siobhan Dowd when I read it — I mean, it has been a while now but it was so beautiful, both physically in the illustrations and also in the actual writing. I don’t know quite how or if this will be translated into a movie, but I hope it’ll be an excellent experience! Anyways. for this post I decided to re-watch the trailer and just generally pause at good moments to shriek/give commentary. *nods*

0:04 Are they on a TV? What is happening? Is it a reflection? Is this looking through old videos on a TV? (Because it’s really difficult to actually get that to work.)

0:16 ARTISTIC PENCIL SHOTS I AM LOVING THIS. Mm looking forward to those arty links. Also, Felicity Jones’ voice is really nice.


0:23 No, it actually looks like they are on a TV…? I don’t remember this bit. WHAT IS HAPPENING. The music is really cool, though, as a side-note.

0:25 ARTY INK SHOT! Is that red supposed to be, like, blood?

0:34 The music has become more dramatic. The boy speaks. I like the paper-inky credits aesthetic.

0:42 The MONSTER speaks. There is a dismal British house with dismal British weather. It actually looks quite accurate to me.

0:45 Yikes, harsh. The tiny boy has dark circles under his eyes. He does not look very happy. (I know his name is Conor. I don’t know why I’m not calling him Conor…? Maybe it’s my giant mug of tea getting to me.) (He also looks a tiny bit like someone at my school.)

0:49 NOOOOOO. Sadness.

0:54 More art! And cool lighting. This seems like…a really filmic film? Or maybe cinematic is the word. If you know what I mean.

1:00 Ooh wind, always a good sign something weird is gonna happen. I BET IT’S THE MONSTER. I mean, definitely didn’t get that idea from the actual book. *coughs* Nope, not me.

1:03 OH YES. This is some cool CGI-y things happening. Or visual effects. Whatever it is.


1:13 Firstly: did you mean to say ‘this autumn’? And secondly, December is not autumn. But never mind. CARRY ON. I suppose it’s not for the UK. The credits font is nice, so.

1:21 Woah, more dramatic visual effects. It seems quite dreamlike.

1:25 The ink became multicoloured, obviously a sign of wildness.

1:31 Tiny smol boy aaaah I am sorry. I feel like I might cry at this movie… I’m already a bit emotional just watching the trailer.

1:34 Dunno if it’s gonna save me, but anyway. Cool lighting change to red. Much anger. Much like.

1:42 I feel like this shot could almost be action movie-ish, except there’s A LOT OF RED and there’s dramatic music and voiceover.

1:45 OOH WHAT A NICE SHOT CHANGE. (That’s probably not the right word, but never mind.) Who is this weird person who looks kinda eagle-like/in a fur coat? I DON’T KNOW. I should probably reread the book.

1:50 How are they going to deal with all the metaphors and weird-reality things happening aah?!? (Like this scene.)

2:03 This movie has a lot of famous people in it. They have put the clips that will make you sad at the end of the trailer.

2:05 I dunno what these scenes are, but they look arty and animation-y and not really like reality. (I would say CGI, but I feel like I keep using it for the wrong thing.)


2:18 THE HAND. ‘THIS IS WHY YOU CALLED ME.’ Wow, so many capitals in these comments. Not really surprising. I mean, this is me we’re talking about.


In summary: I’m super excited! It looks very good! If you couldn’t tell, the trailer has got me pretty hyped up now. From what it shows the movie seems like it’s going to be quite cinematic and arts-y, and I’m particularly looking forward to how they deal with, like…the fact that the whole thing is slightly metaphorical and literary but also not? I mean, it works very well in the medium of a book. So it’ll be cool to see it transferred into the film medium.

have you read a monster calls? do you think you’ll see the movie? what did you make of the trailer?


9 thoughts on “GUEST POST: A Monster Calls Movie Talk & Trailer Reaction

  1. Olivia Gennaro says:

    I’m so excited to see this, though it doesn’t look like it will be widely released in the U.S. until January 7th. Debating finding a movie theater near campus and going alone that weekend so I can just let myself cry as I inevitably will…the book was so beautiful

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