Other Bloggers and Blogmas

To be honest, I’m not 100% certain when Blogmas finishes – if it’s the 24th, the big day itself, the end of December. However, personally I think I am going to be finishing off Blogmas here (although I have so many ideas for posts I want to write before 2017 that I might still end up uploading nearly every day before the end of the month). In order to celebrate what I view as quite an achievement, as posting every day for nearly a month is definitely a difficult commitment, I thought I would write about some other bloggers who have done Blogmas and my favourites from their posts. Celebration and trying to build other people up is definitely something I view as being in the Christmas spirit!


First up is one of my friends from Twitter, the lovely Liv, who blogs at Liv’s Wonderful Escape. Not only did Liv write a guest post for me during Blogmas on fictional places she would like to visit, but she also completed Blogmas on her blog too. There were some really fun posts on her blog this month, my favourite probably being the author interview she did with Katherine Webber (who else cannot wait for Wing Jones?!). However, I also really loved reading about the series she’s loved in 2016, and two tags – the New York Times By the Book tag, which I tagged her in, so I liked reading that, and the Bookish Book Lover tag, which she tagged me in, so I am going to be doing that soon.


I know Steph, who blogs at A Little But A Lot, from #SundayYA, a Twitter chat on Sundays at 6 pm. I was very excited to see she was doing Blogmas, as Steph makes great content on a range of topics, such as books and her training to become a primary school teacher. This month, I loved reading her Q&A with Sarah Govett, author of The Territory, as well as some less bookish, more Christmassy posts, talking about things like Christmas adverts and her Christmas traditions. I really enjoyed a guest post written by Rachel, who runs #SundayYA, about what she’s reading this Christmas, as I think it’s always nice to see what other people are enjoying.


After exploring the Blogmas posts by bloggers I know, I had a search online and found two other book bloggers doing Blogmas whose blog posts I really enjoyed. First up is Jordann from The Book Blog Life. One of my favourite posts of hers was definitely on her auto-buy authors, which I think is such a fun thing to see written about, as it can really tell you a lot about someone’s reading tastes. I also liked her post on ten books she’d like to see under her tree, as I got to see what I’d read from her list, and if there was anything I wanted to add to my own TBR. Her reading goals for 2017 is the last post of hers that I’m going to mention, and it was one I particularly liked as she made some manageable but still fun goals, and it was nice to see what other bloggers are looking to achieve and take inspiration from them. (Also aren’t her blog graphics absolutely gorgeous?!)


Finally there is Mel from The Book Moo. Obviously I had to mention her post on 2017 releases she’s looking forwards to, as this is one of my favourite things to see people talk about – I am so excited for all the books of 2017, and I love being able to add new books to my ever-expanding list. She also did a post on books she would give people as gifts, something else that’s a lot of fun to see, as it’s interesting to know what books have really impacted bloggers. She wrote about what she was currently reading, and the book she mentioned is yet another addition to my TBR, and she also hosted three giveaways over the course of the month, which was extremely generous of her.

These were the blogs that I’ve been loving and discovering this December! Have you successfully completed Blogmas? What blogs have you been loving this month? Let me know, and also be sure to have a very merry Christmas.


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