A Bookish Christmas Haul


While it is the end of Blogmas, there is just too much content that I am so keen to share before the New Year, and one of those things is sharing a few bookish things that I received for Christmas! I am so, so lucky to be fortunate enough that I get to spend Christmas day with my loved ones, and that I receive gifts as well.

My main present this year is one I am so incredibly excited about, and it’s tickets for YALC! I went in 2015, but couldn’t go this year, so I am very happy that I will be attending in 2017. I will be going for the full three days, and so I’ll have ample opportunity to meet people, go to events, meet authors – it’s going to be so much fun!

I received two books as well, both of which were from friends (and seeing as they were opened slightly before Christmas, I have now read them both – with reviews to follow). The first was Unboxed by Non Pratt, a gorgeous novella about friends coming together to open a memory box/time capsule from five years earlier. The other book was also a novella, . . . And a Happy New Year?, which is the latest and final instalment in the Spinster Club series by Holly Bourne. It was a beautiful yet sad ending for an amazing series.I was so happy to receive both of these books, as they were both releases I was anticipating, in August and November respectively.

Other really lovely bookish things I received were two book vouchers, some of which I think I am going to be using on Wing Jones by Katherine Webber – it comes out on the 5th of January, and I have been looking forward to it since July, so I am very excited to finally read it. I also got a lovely pair of bookends (ever true to the blog name) which are photo frames as well, and they’re such a pretty colour so I think they’re just perfect.

The lovely house of post-it notes and gorgeous lavender-scented candle aren’t strictly/at all bookish, but I thought they looked nice in the photo, and were just generally such great gifts, and I love them both, so I wanted to include them regardless.

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday, whether or not you celebrate Christmas! If you were receiving gifts yesterday, did you get anything bookish? Did you have any particular favourite things?


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