2016 in Review

2016 was a year that flew by for me. It doesn’t feel like long ago that it was 2015 – and yet here we are, on the first day of 2017!

While 2016 was certainly a tumultuous year politically, with a lot of change on the horizon, in terms of blogging and books it was a great one for me. The wrap up of this year only starts in June, as that’s when I started blogging, but I feel like so much has happened since then, and it has really been an incredible 6 months of blogging so far.


For me, June was quite a big month in terms of blogging as this was when I created my blog! I don’t think there are any notable achievements from this month, as I was just getting going, but obviously I put the effort in to decide on the layout, write a few posts to get me started, and join in lots of Twitter chats – my main ones at the time were #ukyachat and #teenbloggerschat.


In July, I won a giveaway run by Georgia from The Bibliomanic – while this doesn’t sound particularly significant, it was the first giveaway I’d ever won, and it was for some Harry Potter colouring books (literally so cool!) so I was completely overjoyed. I also completed Camp NaNo, writing 50,000 of one of my projects, which I was so proud of.


August was a good month for blogging, as it’s when the main bulk of school holidays are, so I could still spend most of my time reading. There were also loads of cool activities going on online – I joined in with the #YATakeover, an amazing weekend of online panels and even a quiz, which I was very excited to win. There was the #SundayYAthon as well, in which I successfully (well, just about) read four books in four days.


September meant back to school for me, and while this isn’t particularly remarkable, I was very pleased that I managed to maintain my blog while balancing it with studies. I had tried my hand at book blogging before, but ended up deleting my blog as I couldn’t get the balance right with school. I am happy that it’s all worked out second time around!


October was quite an eventful month in terms of blogging. I was tagged in the New York Times By the Book by Reg at She Latitude, and it was the first time I’d ever been tagged in something, so I thought it was pretty cool B). I also hit 1000 views on my blog. This month I also completed my Goodreads reading challenge for the year, and reached 100 books.

There were also lots of cool bookish events which I attended in October, YALW and YA Shot. I loved being able to see some amazing bloggers and authors speak, and it was so great to meet people who I’d chatted to on Twitter, as well as meeting new people. I got to participate in a Reading Hack event as well, interviewing one of the judges for the Man Booker Prize, another seriously cool experience.


November was a quiet month on my blog as I was very busy with school work, and I felt like I didn’t want to post too much in the run up to Blogmas. I did do some fun posts though, such as a reorganisation of my bookshelves (although I may need to do that again soon) and doing the tag I mentioned being tagged in.


As my blog has continued to grow, things have only gotten better in December. In the run up to Christmas, I completed Blogmas, putting up a new post every day for a consistent 25 days. It was quite a time commitment, and when I started I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage, but sure enough I got it done (even if I was frantically writing and uploading in the evening at times . . .). What’s made me even more proud is that, despite the fact that Blogmas ended at Christmas, I had so many things I wanted to post before the new year that I have continued with a post a day for the rest of the month – although sadly I don’t think I’ll have time for this come January!

I went to the Wattpad Convention in early December – I don’t think the majority of the book blogging community uses Wattpad, but I love it, and it was incredible to get to see loads of people, both that I’d heard of online and that I met for the first time.

Maybe it was the fact that I’ve now been blogging consistently for six months, or maybe it was that I was putting out more content over Blogmas, but I managed to hit 2000 views on my blog this month as well! I’m especially happy about this because it took four months to hit 1000, but only two to hit 2000, which certainly feels like an achievement to me. I also hit 70 followers on my blog, which I’m proud of.

This is where I’m up to! I know there are bloggers with thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of page views, but honestly I’m just so proud of myself for getting this far with my blog. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead and I’m so excited to keep reading and producing content for my blog. How has your year been? What have you achieved?


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