Reading Resolutions and Goals for 2017

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Whenever a new year comes about, the standard thing that people tend to do is set themselves goals for the year ahead. It’s a chance for change, and to embark upon new adventures in life. I am quite an ambitious person, so there is a lot I’m hoping to accomplish this year, and several of those things are goals relating to books.

  1. Read more. I think almost every book blogger has this goal going into each new year, but nonetheless it is a goal I want to achieve. I know I read a lot – last year I managed just over 130 books – but if I used my time more effectively, I think I could read a lot more (or put that time to good use with studying!).
  2. Read more widely. YA dominates my reading, and while I don’t think reading YA is a bad thing, as they are the books I love, in order to progress intellectually I need to make sure I read a variety of books. I’ve been dabbling with classics and poetry in the last few months, but in the new year I’m hoping be very broad – maybe with autobiographies, non-fiction, graphic novels, obviously classics . . . the possibilities are endless!
  3. Meet my Goodreads goal. To be completely honest, I am fairly sure that if I only completed one goal on this list, it would be this one. It’s 100 books across the year, which generally works for me, as even though I barely read during exam season/general times of year when there is a lot of homework to be done, I often manage close to a book a day during holidays, so it all balances out in the end (and I can read short books if it is really coming close!).
  4. Keep up with all my challenges. This year, I have signed up to participate in the British Books Challenge, the Beat the Backlist Challenge, and the Retellings Reading Challenge. I have a feeling that I am not going to be great at managing them, as I can often get swept up in reading the newest book on my shelf instead of focusing on books I’ve preselected. Because of this, I really want to make an effort to stick to them, as they look like they’ll be a lot of fun to get involved with.
  5. Attempt to write a book. This sounds a lot more intimidating when it’s put like that, but essentially I want to create a rough draft of a story. I’ve done it entirely once before, and came close to finishing a second time, so I would love to be able to do it again – and maybe even with the goal of creating a second draft at some point!
  6. Make progress with blogging. I am adoring my book blogging experience so far, so it seems entirely sensible to want to further it some more. In particular, across the coming year I would love to gain 100 blog followers, 250 Twitter followers, and 3000 page views. I did/came close to all of these things in just the second half of 2016, so I think wanting to do them again in the space of a year is achievable (and then maybe I can beat my goals too!). I’m going to YALC 2017 as well, which will allow me to get very involved with the bookish community!

So these are my blogging goals and reading resolutions for 2017! I’m hoping they’ll all go smoothly. I’ll have to feed back in a year’s time on how they have gone.

Also – editing this just shortly after I’ve posted it – but I realised that this is my 100th blog post! I think I’ve come very far since the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve this year.

Do you like to set yourself goals? If so, what are you aiming to achieve this year?


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