Scholastic Bloggers’ Book Feast Recap


Last Saturday was a very exciting day in the book blogging community because it was the day of the Scholastic Bloggers’ Book Feast. I was ecstatic to be able to go along when I set off on the Saturday morning to the Scholastic offices in London.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was grab our seats, sorted into tables by the name of the creature from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on our stickers. I was in team Occamy, right at the front of the room, which was great as it meant I had a fab view of the screen for the first presentation, where the lovely people at Scholastic told us about all their upcoming titles for this year (I’ll put them in a list at the bottom of this post). The description and the gorgeous covers were all very enticing, and I’m just hoping I manage to wade through more of my TBR in time for the wonderful books they have coming out this year.

Next up we got to hear from two cover designers from Scholastic, who told us about the design process for the cover of The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson, and then told us about and did a cover reveal for Noah Can’t Even, an upcoming comedy and coming-out debut from Simon James Green. It sounds amazing, and should undoubtedly be on your TBR.

Then we had a panel with two editors, Lauren Fortune and Linas Alsenas, who told us all about the acquiring process when it comes to getting new manuscripts to take on. It sounded very intense, especially if you have to go through the stress if a manuscript is in demand and you need to give a fast response, but also a very rewarding one when you find a treasure of a book.

Next was the contemporary YA panel. This was one I was really looking forward to in particular, as I am a huge lover of contemporary YA, and I’d heard about a couple of the upcoming releases so I was very keen to hear about the rest. On the panel, there was Eve Ainsworth, Sue Wallman, Lisa Thompson, Simon James Green, and Beth Garrod (see the bottom list for what their books are!). They also gave some great advice for aspiring writers!

The fantasy YA panel was what came next, and I completely loved it. Fantasy doesn’t tend to be my first choice when it comes to choosing what to read, but there were a couple of authors on this panel whose books I either already love or just know I will adore, so I was gripped by listening to the authors speak. On this panel, we saw Alice Broadway, Melinda Salisbury, Hayley Barker, and Lisa Lueddecke. The authors also shared some fun facts!


Left to right: Alice Broadway, Melinda Salisbury, Hayley Barker, Lisa Lueddecke, and chairing the panel, Lauren Fortune.

Finally there was a quiz on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As I mentioned earlier, I was in Team Occamy, and we scored (what I thought was a very respectable, at least) seven out of ten. However, Mel Salisbury’s team won the quiz overall with ten out of ten, and got some fab-looking movie tie-in products.

Sadly that marked the end of the event! All that was left then was to choose a few of the amazing books they had which you could grab (pretty much all of which I plan on reviewing on my blog, as they look amazing, so watch this space!), receive an amazing goody bag, and say our goodbyes.

I had a completely utterly amazing day at the Scholastic offices, and I want to say an enormous thank you to the Scholastic team for having me and for the fab books.

Scholastic 2017 Releases:

  • The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson (January) – a mystery about a boy with OCD who needs to solve the mystery of a missing local toddler.
  • Ink by Alice Broadway (February) – fantasy set in a world where your life is recorded as tattoos on your skin and preserved as a book when you die.
  • The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury (March) – the epic finale to The Sin Eater’s Daughter series.
  • Damage by Eve Ainsworth (March) – another hard-hitting novel from the author of 7 Days and Crush, this one about self-harm.
  • See How They Lie by Sue Wallman (March) – another intense mystery from the author of Zoella Book Club pick, Lying About Last Summer, this one set in a boarding school and sounding highly sinister.
  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (May) – the third instalment to the romantic series centred around Lara Jean.
  • Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined by Danielle Younge-Ullman (May) – about Ingrid, who gets stuck on a trek with troubled teens over the summer.
  • Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green (May) – a laugh out loud, coming of age comedy which kicks off when Noah’s best friend kisses him at a party.
  • The Lines We Cross by Randa Abdel-Fattah (May) – a topical and important novel about immigration, completely relevant to current events in the world.
  • Show Stopper by Hayley Barker (June) – set in a Hunger Games-esque world where the desperately poor must sell their children to a deadly circus in order to survive.
  • Truly Madly Awkward by Beth Garrod (September) – the sequel to the hilarious-sounding Super Awkward, a super awkward and super humorous novel about teenager Bella.
  • A Shiver of Snow and Sky by Lisa Lueddecke (October) – a fantasy where the colour of the sky is indicative of what’s to come, this book had praised heaped upon it all day.

Note: all dates are accurate as far as I can remember – please correct me if I’m wrong on any of these with regards to month when they will be releases! Also, apologies if I have missed any books off the list, as far as I can remember this was all of them.


14 thoughts on “Scholastic Bloggers’ Book Feast Recap

  1. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    OH WOW this sounds so cool, I’m jealous! 😛 My eye has been caught by some of these books & I look forward to seeing them… I really thought that Noah Can’t Even was a John Green book for a moment and I was like wAIT. I think it’s just that THE FONT IS THE SAME. *cries* Oh I do hope you enjoy The Raven Cycle books, I thought they were wonderful! ❤

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