Book Haul #5

I haven’t done a book haul for absolutely ages on my blog (since mid-January), and these books were all actually gifts as well from just after Christmas, so this post is long overdue! But I had the photos, and these were all really interesting ones that I wanted to talk about – with none of them being YA, making a change from usual on my blog – so I thought I would just go ahead with it anyway.

book haul 5 2

Britain’s Best Political Cartoons 2016, edited by Timothy S. Benson – This book is one I’m so excited to read because it looks to be fascinating as well as hilarious. It’s not so much words as pictures; there are cartoons followed by analysis, but seeing as I’m interested in politics I think I’m going to love reading it. It includes cartoons up to about August 2016, so it covers Brexit and part of the build up to the US election.

Miss Jane by Brad Watson – I am so excited to read this book, and not just because it’s a gorgeous hardback with a beautiful cover. Based on a true story, it centres on the titular character, Jane, who is different to other women in that she cannot fulfil typical ‘wifely’ duties in the same way due to a birth defect, and this leads to her having a highly intriguing life. I’m hoping there’s some feminist aspects to this too, and that she defies convention and stereotypes of femininity.

Brighton Rock by Graham Greene – The friend who gave this to me is one whose recommendations I really trust, so I’m really looking forward to reading this book. It’s a crime/mystery novel from the 1930s, which is a period I’m interested in reading more books from as to me it feels like the time between older classics and modern classics, so this is a book I think I’ll enjoy.

Perpetual Disappointments Diary This diary surprised me, but it also made me laugh and is an entertaining addition to this week, so I was exceptionally grateful to the friend who gave it to me. With demotivational quotes and notable deaths peppered throughout to name but a few of this diary’s quirks, it is truly a diary like no other.

book haul 5

A page from the diary, quote and all.

642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto – More books which aren’t stories, but I was really happy with this one as it pleases my writer heart. It has loads of prompts and little sections where you can write about something, and you don’t have to do it in order so it’s perfect for busy people (like me, nowadays) who can pick it up and fill in a quick section when they want to write but don’t have loads of time to write.

Have you received any presents from friends recently (books or otherwise)? What books have you bought recently?


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