A Monster Calls Movie Thoughts

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A while ago during Blogmas, the lovely Eve from Twist in the Taile guest posted on my blog with some movie talk and a trailer reaction to A Monster Calls, the film of the Patrick Ness book of the same title. If you’ve been in the blogging community a while, or if you’re a regular moviegoer, then I’m sure you will have at least heard of it, if not seen it, as it was very talked-about. I really wanted to talk about my thoughts on the film, and how it compared to the book (a general topic I’m sure every bookworm has thoughts on when they see a film adapted from a book they know and love).

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To start off with, I wanted to talk about how I thought the book of A Monster Calls matched up with the film. My opinion is probably slight less reliable than that of others because I read the book in the autumn of 2015 and saw the film on the day it came out in January 2017, so there was quite a big gap, but the film was pretty much exactly as I remembered the book. I’ve read a lot of books which were completely different to their film counterparts, or had large sections cut out in order to shorten it or adapt it best for screen. This one felt very true to the book! Obviously there could have been some minor changes that I might not have noticed, but there was nothing major changed.

I thought the casting choices were also excellent. Lewis MacDougall was amazing as Conor, and in my opinion he really captured the sense of the character well. The other main parts were cast brilliantly as well, and Liam Neeson’s as voice of the monster I would was a great selection. I thought it was so cool to see Felicity Jones in the film too, as the only other thing I’ve seen her in is Chalet Girl, so it was interesting to see her in something else.

The setting for the film, and the general aesthetic of the movie, was superbly done as well – I thought it really captured the essence of the book! While everyone will have their own idea in their head of how things should be, A Monster Calls made things in a way which I could really see fitting in with my ideas of the book.

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For me, the biggest difference between the book and the film was the fact that the film made me cry and the book didn’t! I don’t really cry much when it comes to book unless something is very emotional and takes me by surprise – and there’s the added element that you can skim read or skip over bits, or you might just be a fast reader. With the film, it goes at its pace and you pretty much have to watch every minute, so I got very involved in it, hence the emotional tears.

Overall, I must say that A Monster Calls is definitely one of the best done book-to-film YA adaptions I’ve seen for a while. It captured the book perfectly, and was engaging and poignant – if you loved the book, you should definitely try and watch it. (And if you haven’t read the book, then I would definitely recommend you do.)

Have you seen/read this film/book? Would you like to see more of my thoughts on book-to-film adaptions of YA books?

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7 thoughts on “A Monster Calls Movie Thoughts

  1. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    Aah yay I’m so glad you enjoyed this too! (I was just skimming through my reader like…hmm, that image seems familiar. And then I was like OH IT’S THAT A MONSTER CALLS TITLE I EDITED. Ha. ANYWAYS.) I also had quite a big gap between reading the book & the film but I still enjoyed it a lot! I think it was a little odd to see a movie that was…about the power of words and stories? But I think that they did it super well and it was an awesome adaptation. *thumbs up*

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  2. The Hermit Librarian says:

    I have only seen the movie so far and it made me cry for so long afterwards. I had only the vaguest of ideas what the film was about because while I’ve got the book on my shelf, I haven’t read it yet. I’m looking forward to it though because I have the illustrated copy and it adds to the dark atmosphere of the film.

    I think one of my favorite scenes, even though it was the saddest, was when the mum looked up and saw the Monster. It was such a fast little thing, but it was a quick punch that really made me wonder about the reality of certain events throughout the film.

    I would love to hear more book-to-film adaptation discussions. They’re very interesting, especially when we can really get into it and talk about whatever differences there might be and what worked or didn’t.

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      Haha I understand your tears! Oh my gosh you should definitely read the book soon, the illustrated version is the most gorgeous edition, and I think it would really add to the already amazing story.
      I know entirely what you meant; throughout there’s this sense of uncertainty about the monster and that bit only makes you more hesitant!
      Thanks, I’m glad you’re interested in this type of post 🙂 I have lots of ideas, so hopefully I’ll have more up like this soon!


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