My Dream Author Panel


Bookworms love a lot of things (buying books, reading books, book merchandise – the list goes on), but something I consider especially cool is author panels. There’s just something amazing about being able to hear the authors of your favourite books speak, and you can learn so much about characters and books you love, as well as more about the minds behind the stories.

I saw a few people a while ago which people had been asked to write on the topic of their dream author panel and thought it looked like an interesting thing to write, so I was delightful when Eventbrite asked me to write about my own dream panel – whether it was authors or fictional characters. Eventbrite is “the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform“, and can be used to find and set up conferences near you (there’s a link to their site here!). I had so many ideas for who I’d choose, so I’m going to stick with authors for today (although I might come back to the idea of a dream panel with fictional characters at some point!).

Obviously, this is mainly a YA book blog, so I’m sticking to YA authors today. I would choose:

  • Louise O’Neill, author of Only Ever Yours, which has been described as Mean Girls crossed with The Handmaid’s Tale, and Asking For It, about sexual assault and the difficulties women face when prosecuting for it.
  • Alice Oseman, author of Solitaire, about teenage disillusionment with school, and Radio Silence, about exam pressure and fandoms.
  • Louise Gornall, author of the incredible Under Rose-Tainted Skies, about mental health and agoraphobia.
  • Holly Bourne, who has written many books, but my favourites are the Spinster Club series (Am I Normal Yet?, How Hard Can Love Be?, and What’s a Girl Gotta Do?), which are primarily about feminism, but also mental health, relationships, and cyber campaigns.
  • Jandy Nelson, author of The Sky is Everywhere and I’ll Give You the Sun, which are two gorgeous books that between them deal with grief, sexuality, bullying, and relationships.
  • Angie Thomas, author of the upcoming The Hate U Give, which is about the Black Lives Matter movement.

I would be so interested in hearing this group of people talk about contemporary issues for teens with a variety of aspects to it, such as mental health, feminism, racism, difficult emotions, the internet and social media, relationships, grief – I think this group of authors would be able to cover a broad range of topics which all are still linked by how they pose difficulties for different teenagers across the world. It would also be cool as two of the authors there are American, so it would be particularly amazing to see them speak I don’t know if I’d get the chance otherwise.

Who would be on your dream author panel?


4 thoughts on “My Dream Author Panel

  1. Lia says:

    Alice Oseman would definitely be in my dream panel! I loved Radio Silence and am planning to read Solitaire soon, but she also seems like an awesome person 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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