Review: Take Two by Perdita and Honor Cargill

take twoTitle: Take Two (Waiting for Callback #2)
Author: Perdita and Honor Cargill
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
UK Release Date: 26th January 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult, Humour, Romance
Pages: 344
Format: Paperback
Source: Author

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Elektra has finally landed a part in a film. It’s the dream. Well …until she works out that Straker is a movie so dystopian that within weeks most of the cast and all of the crew wish that the world had actually ended (preferably in scene one). And while it’s obviously great news that she’s moved from the friend-zone with Archie to become his almost-girlfriend, it would be better if he hadn’t immediately relocated to Transylvania to play a vampire hunter surrounded by ‘maidens of peerless beauty’.

Full of humour and warmth, this new series is perfect for fans of Geek Girl and The It Girl.

-> Thank you to Perdita for sending a copy of the book to me for review!

I am so excited to be reviewing Take Two, the sequel to the amazing Waiting for Callback by mother-daughter duo Perdita and Honor Cargill (the perfect book to review on Mother’s Day!), on my blog today, as I have so many positive thoughts which I cannot wait to share with you all. I was really happy to receive a copy of Take Two just before publication in January from Perdita, the lovely author, and I ended up reading the whole thing in one day. There was other stuff to be done, but it was just so entertaining that I couldn’t stop reading, so I decided I simply had to read the whole thing to save myself from being distracted from other tasks.

I feel like an obvious place to start is with Elektra. She is such a fun protagonist, and I genuinely love her so much, as she’s funny but also interesting, and very understandable. She also has such a wonderful character voice; it’s fun and distinctive, and highly entertaining to read. I also thought the characters around her were a lot of fun as well, as her fellow actors were incredibly zany. And Archie – his involvement in the book was usually sweet, increasingly sad, and always compelling.

The humour of this book is another thing that I think I simply have to mention. I feel like a lot of books which fall under the category/genre of humour are funny, but in the laugh-under-your-breath way, or maybe in the do-a-little-entertained-smile way. Take Two was laugh-out-loud funny, and there were some truly hilarious moments that I actually went and talked about to family and friends afterwards, as I thought they were too good not to share.

For me, the best thing about this series on the whole would have to be the originality of them. I talked about this with Waiting for Callback as well, as it was something that struck me when I first read the books, and I was unsure if this would continue into the sequel. However, it completely did! Books about teenagers who go on to find success and fame can often be riddled with clichés, and Take Two is just completely not like this at all. So much of it is completely unexpected, and it goes against so many of the predictions you would make about what it going to happen. This is something that I think truly makes these books stand out.

Original and hilarious, with a wonderfully distinctive protagonist, this book is entertaining from start to finish. I will definitely be recommending this series to anyone in need of laughter and fun, and I cannot wait to read the third instalment in the series!



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