Who Reads Your Blog?


Something I wonder about from time to time is what other people think about having their friends and family read their blog. I know my sister reads my blog because she has one too, and I’ve let a couple of my close friends have a look at it because they were especially interested, but other than that none of my friends and family have seen my blog.

To indulge my curiosity, a long little while back I created a poll on Twitter in order to see what some of my blogger and booktuber friends thought about the matter.

As you can see, the results were split almost exactly 50-50, with Yep! winning marginally over Nope. That answered my question then – generally slightly more people let their family and friends read their blog than not. (On reflection, I think I should have included an option of ‘a select few’, as I don’t feel I fit in to either of the options I gave, but never mind.)

However, the other thing I was curious about was why. I’ve pretty much not let my friends and family see my blog, as when I started it I wanted to see if I could get views from people who I didn’t know in real life (I knew if I asked my friends to read it, they all would, as they are a kind and supportive group of people). After that, I did let a few friends see it, as they were interested in books and asked to look, but I haven’t changed matters in general even though I get a fair amount of views from people I didn’t know before starting my blog. Recently, though, I have been contemplating letting some of my friends look if they wanted to. I asked in my poll what other people’s reasons were, and this was what was said.

Amber (@MileLongBookS): “Family: they’ve always known about it and enjoy keeping up with it. I don’t really know how people hide it from them, like, do they not wonder why lots of books are suddenly arriving to the house? 😂 My friends know about it too: one of them reads my blog sometimes, the rest couldn’t care less and never read/watch my stuff 🙃

Lottie (@LottieFrancess): “My parents know that I do some kind of book blogging but I don’t know if they know it’s booktube?”

Grace (@_gracelatter): “I used to get upset when my parents didn’t read my posts. They always had excuses! But then when they do I blush, so…!? 😆

Liv (@Livsescape): “I don’t think I want all my friends knowing about my blog but I can’t exactly pinpoint why?”

Aimee (@Geordie_Aimee): “Nope. Blogging is an outlet for me. Tbh my parents have never really been interested in what I do unless it’s in their interests…”

Maia (@andalittlemoore): “My partner and one friend does but I haven’t told anyone else about it. I like it being separate from real life!”

Steph (@eenalol): “I voted nope because the majority of my IRL folk don’t read/know about it but I know some do!”

Ashleigh (@frolic_fiction): “Family, no. Friends occasionally read my blog, but always watch my videos 😊

(all formatted like that because I couldn’t work out how to make HTML not present each tweet as a reply to the original…)

Personally, I found it really interesting to see other people’s reasons – and I definitely agree with Maia that, for the moment, I think I like it being separate from real life.

What’s your opinion on this? If you run a blog, do your friends and family read it?


31 thoughts on “Who Reads Your Blog?

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Interesting post! My parents know about my blog and my mum desperately wants to read it but I kind of feel weird about, almost like it’s an invasion of my space. None of my friends know about it though, I kind of like having a part of my life completely separate.

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  2. Literary Weaponry says:

    This is interesting and when I first started my blog I debated sharing it with friends and family myself. Ultimately I did and my wonderful aunt shares every single one of my posts. Also by sharing it with my friends, I discovered an old friend has a blog (not about books) that is successful and she gave me a lot of tips. As a whole, sharing with those I personally know has been a good experience. Oddly, my own husband doesn’t read it and I’m not sure why but that is a pondering for another day…

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      Ahh that’s such a nice outcome to your decision! Your aunt sounds super lovely, what a nice thing for her to do. Getting tips from a friend seems like such a valuable experience too; I’m sure that must have been useful when you started out 🙂


  3. Alex @ Young At Heart Books says:

    My mom does now but only because she bothered me endlessly about it haha. I think I was hesitant to show my friends/family for a few reasons (most don’t know about it): 1. I wasn’t sure if they would even be interested in it 2. This is the first time I’ve ever ‘showcased’ any kind of writing and I was self conscious about it. I’m less so now but still! I don’t really advertise to people in my life 😊

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      Aw, it’s sweet that your mother really wanted to see it 🙂 I completely relate to your view with your friends – it’s so hard to know what stance to take. I think there’s also the idea that once you’ve shown someone, you can’t un-show them, whereas if they haven’t seen then you’ve got plenty of time to built up confidence. (Your blog is fab, so you should definitely have confidence in it :D)

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  4. Sarah says:

    I’m still pretty new to this so I’ve never made a conscious effort to tell my friends and family, but I’ve never made an effort to keep it from them either. Not a helpful response lol. Not many of my friends blog, a couple that do know about it, one of them was to one to suggest I focused on books as she knew how much I enjoyed reading.

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      I think I’m probably the same as you in that I don’t try to hide it, but I don’t show my blog around either – your response was definitely an interesting one! It’s nice that your friend knows you well and made the reading suggestion 🙂

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  5. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    I have showed my mum my blog, and a couple of my friends know it exists, but apart from one friend I don’t actually know if they read it? (Or if they do, they never talk to me about it haha.) Whilst trying to keep it COMPLETELY secret was a bit stressful, I do prefer to sort of have the idea that most IRL people don’t follow me, just because…I kind of use blogging like an outlet. I need somewhere to sometimes talk about myself & the stuff I care about without feeling worried or embarrassed haha!

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      Aw it’s sweet that your mum reads it! I relate to having blogging as an outlet, and it’s definitely more freeing if there’s not a sense of worry that someone IRL might be reading. Slightly random question, but if someone read it, would you find it better or worse if they mentioned it to you afterwards?

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      • Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

        Haha I think she was wondering how I was spending all my time! Mm, I think it would probably depend on the context and how they brought it up — like, if it was something personal and like a close friend asked me if I wanted to chat or something, then I wouldn’t mind at all. But at the same time, I am TERRIBLE at talking about feelings in real life, and I do think it’s important for me to separate my blog a bit from real life so I have an outlet! (That…made so much sense, wow.)

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  6. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    I love this! I’ve always been super private about these things to my friends/family, but I think that’s just the type of person that I am – I do enjoy having my own space and see this as kind of a… freedom of expression type of thing? But my friends, especially, DO know about my blog and some occasionally read it, so perhaps I’d have fallen into that “select few” option as well even if the poll doesn’t have it. 😛

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      That’s interesting! I would agree that a blog is a nice space to freely express yourself, and I definitely think that someone’s willingness to share depends a lot on your personality. It’s nice that your friends know about it and sometimes read it 🙂


  7. rivermoosebooks says:

    I think its a pretty personal decision. My parents know of my blog’s existence but they don’t read it. And I’ve told my friends, but only a few have actually looked at it (notably my best friend – because she is my best friend). Though my teacher did once find my blog and that was….well, weird.

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  8. amortalreader1 says:

    For me I told my parents once and told my friends I have one but I refuse to tell them what my blog is called. It scares me the idea that they might read it. My anxiety tells me that they’ll make jokes about me etc. Which sucks because I know they wouldn’t deep down but my head is filled with all these thoughts so I try to keep it private. The town I grew up in as well is very small with small ideas and they aren’t nice about people who try to make blogs, youtube etc. So I find it better to keep it private and quiet.
    Great post! I found you via Adventures of a Bibliophile!

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  9. QueenTxti says:

    This is really interesting! Only my best friends know I have a blog but I doubt they keep up with it. As for my parents, they don’t know but they have told me before that I should start one. I don’t exactly know why I don’t want to tell them but I just don’t. Is that weird?

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    • bookendsandendings says:

      I don’t think that’s weird at all! It’s nice that they say that you should start a blog, and it means they would definitely support you if they knew 🙂 I think telling people means they often want to read it which can feel a bit awkward. Even if you’re really proud of your content, it can be a bit strange thinking of IRL people reading it or wanting to read it! Could that be it for you?


      • QueenTxti says:

        That’s actually exactly why I don’t want people I know to know about it! I like being able to write about anything I want without having to worry about them reading it


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