Easter SundayYAthon Recap

I absolutely love participating in the SundayYAthons which Rachel, who runs the #SundayYA chats, organises, so when she announced that there would be a SundayYAthon running over Easter, I knew I had to participate.

I put together my TBR, with two books that I was already most of the way through, and three other books to read.

On Day One, I finished off Atonement by Ian McEwan, as I had about 100 pages left so that was a relatively easy book to tick off. I then continued on with Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf, which I also had about 100 pages left off.

Day Two went well, as I finished off Three Guineas, and then moved on to reading Chase by Linwood Barclay. I had been aiming for one book per day, so I was very pleased to have three books ticked off my TBR in two days. Over the course of Day Three, I started Troublemakers by Catherine Barter, which I was excited to start. However, I did take a break from it and my SundayYAthon TBR in general, as I took a trip to the library and found a couple of books there, one of which I read. George by Alex Gino turned out to be middle grade, not YA as I’d expected, but that meant I finished it quickly.

Day Four was great as in the morning I finished off Troublemakers and then moved on to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, the final book on my TBR.

Day Five was the final day of the readathon, and I was keen to finish off the last book I planned to read. However, I was pretty busy during the day and so only got on to it properly in the evening. I finished it at about half twelve the next day, getting to 45 pages from the end by the time the readathon came to a close.


Overall, I read about 1265 pages, which I’m really pleased with! I’ve been reading a lot this month, but I was pleased to have so many books ticked off my TBR for this month (and now I can take a couple of books back to the library too).

Did you take part in the readathon? What’s on your TBR at the moment?


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