The Book Blogger Award Nominations


Credits to Joce for this image!

Joce from Write Through the Night announced at the beginning of this month that she was holding a set of book blogger awards, to celebrate book bloggers as awards so often tend to be for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I thought this was wonderful, and such a positive thing to do for the community, so I knew I wanted to make some nominations! I also wanted to say thank you to Joce for nominating me for Best Book Reviews, it made my day. You can find out more information here, from what the categories are to how you can nominate.


Young Adult

Alex from Young at Heart Books – Alex has regular content centred on YA, from book reviews to features and other content, and I think she does really well at having an excellent range of quality posts on all things YA!

Does a Little Bit of Everything

Lucy from Queen of Contemporary – I have been keeping up to date with Lucy’s blog and YouTube for coming up to two years, and I have loved seeing her content expand over that time. She reads and blogs about YA, classics, poetry, non-fiction, and it’s so nice to have variety, especially when Lucy blogs so eloquently.



Best Book Reviews

Alice from Most Ardently Alice – Alice’s review are a joy to read (I mean, her posts are exceptional in general, but I particularly adore her reviews). They’re insightful and well-written, and often give me new thoughts on a book I’ve already read – I love them!

The Master of Weekly Features

Mel from The Book Moo – I am always delighted to see a post from Mel’s blog waiting in my inbox, and her weekly features are no exception to my excitement. They are regular and quality content, and I especially love her Tuesday Talks.

Sarah from Sarah Withers Blog – even from just a quick glance at Sarah’s blog, you can see that she is very good at staying up to date on her weekly features! She does a great range of them, and regularly too.

Best Book Recommendations

Ashleigh from A Frolic Through Fiction – Ashleigh reviews a fantastic range of books on her blog, and she has excellent taste. She also reviews a mixture of recent and older books, so I think no matter what, you’ll be able to find a book you’d like via her blog.

Prettiest Bookshelf

Maddie and Bee from Heart Full of Books – this book blog is primarily home to their reviews, but if you look onto their Instagram or YouTube, their bookshelves feature a lot in the background and they are absolutely gorgeous! Large, well-stacked, rainbow ordered, with certain books facing outwards, they are almost too beautiful for words.



Most Engaged in the Community

Lia from Lost in a Story – Lia is honestly an absolute delight to have in the book blogging community. She’s friendly and involved, and is always innovative and shows initiative. She’s run The Bad Book Project and Short Story Society, and is constantly participating in new things, ready to give everything a go, which shows to me how perfect she is for this category.

Blog Aesthetic

Reg from She Latitude – everything about Reg’s blog is put together and beautiful. All her blog posts have gorgeous graphics to match, it’s all nicely laid out, and her book looks are an aesthetic marvel.

Kelly from Kelly’s Rambles – all of Kelly’s posts are just too beautiful for words; her images, her fonts, the whole lay out of her blogs, all of it is just so aesthetically pleasing (obviously the content is great too, but I love her aesthetic especially!).

Most Full of Personality

Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf – all of Amber’s blog posts are written with a tone that is just so completely her, and her personality really shines through. Everything about her style gives you such a sense of who she is, and it makes her posts a pleasure to read.



Best New Book Blogger (created blog after July 2016)

Bex from My Shelf and Myself – many of my followers may have heard of Bex because she’s my sister and so features a lot in my blog posts, but she’s also absolutely perfect for this category. She created her blog in October 2016, and I’m consistently blown away by how articulately she writes her blog posts, how nicely her theme and images look, and how great her content is. She was the first one that came to mind for me for this award.

Best Overall Book Blogger

Cait from Paper Fury – I’ve mainly seen Cait’s Instagram, not her blog, but when I saw that the host of the awards, the lovely Joce, had nominated Cait, I went to have a look at her blog and was blown away. I know about her reviews from Goodreads, and they are absolutely outstanding, so engaging and thoughtful, and her other content was simply amazing. After being so impressed by her blog, I feel like I simply have to nominate her for this category!


These were all my nominations, and I’d be interested to hear your opinions on my nominations. I also urge you to go ahead and make your own nominations; we should be supporting Joce’s wonderful set of awards! It’ll also make you feel super cheerful after doing so, as all this positivity has left me in a great mood.


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