May Wrap Up & June TBR

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So compared to last month, this month has been nowhere near as good a month for reading as April – my last wrap up got quite a lot of responses because I managed to read 24 books. Even though I only managed about half of that this month, I am still really pleased with my reading for this month considering that I’ve been doing a lot of studying as well.

This month, I have read:

  1. Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh
  2. Orbiting Jupiter by Gary Schmidt
  3. Sara’s Face by Melvin Burgess
  4. Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green
  5. You Will Not Have My Hate by Antoine Leiris
  6. A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
  7. Mold and the Poison Plot by Lorraine Gregory
  8. Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney
  9. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston
  10. Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow
  11. Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash
  12. Mafiosa by Catherine Doyle
  13. The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens
  14. Knighthood for Beginners by Elys Dolan

It’s really hard to choose favourite for this month, but I really enjoyed Death of a Naturalist, which I’ve also been studying at school (it’s reminded me of how much I enjoy analysing poetry), and Mafiosa because my reactions to that book as I read it were all over the place as it was so good. Also, You Will Not Have My Hate was just intensely sad and broke my heart. I feel like I say this every month, but I’m pleased with the range of books here, although there probably aren’t quite enough academic books on the list for this month if I’m being picky. I didn’t manage to read nine of the books from last month as well, which I’m disappointed with, so I’m lowering my expectations a little for this coming month to accommodate.

I haven’t done too badly with the challenges, with four books by British authors (and four reviews up for the challenge) and eight books published before 2017 – although I’ve had none on the retellings front.

This month hasn’t been too busy in terms of doing things in the bookish community as I’ve been preparing for exams. I did go to the launch for The Fallen Children by David Owen, which was lots of fun, but that was at the beginning of the month before revision properly kicked in. I participated in the blog tour for Noah Can’t Even which was great, as I had a hilarious guest post from the author, and I also wrote a post on how to balance reading and revision (my own tips are proving very useful now!). I had two posts that were more discussion style as well, one on my thoughts on 13 Reasons Why the Netflix series, and one on the shortlist for the YA Book Prize.

There have been lots of good posts that I’ve read this month, including:

Also, very excitingly, I won Best Book Reviews in Joce from Write Through the Night’s Book Blogger Awards. I was absolutely over the moon about this, so thank you so much to everyone who nominated me! It was just such a lovely thing to happen and made me very happy.

Next month, I am hoping to read:

  1. Kick by Mitch Johnson
  2. If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak
  3. The Puzzle of Ethics by Peter Vardy
  4. The Puzzle of God by Peter Vardy
  5. The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
  6. Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill
  7. The Yellow Room by Jess Vallance
  8. The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham
  9. Nina is Not OK by Shappi Khorsandi

It’s a little bit less than last month – even though exams are ending in the beginning of June, I’m quite busy in the rest of the month so I don’t want to overstretch myself, and I want to give myself flexibility. There’s also a focus on academic books which I want to read to extend myself in those subjects.

What books are you going to read next month? What did you read this month?


11 thoughts on “May Wrap Up & June TBR

  1. Alice Marshall says:

    Jess!! Thank you so much for including my blog post, it means so much to me that such a personal piece of writing would resonate with you enough to include it alongside some lovely other pieces of work. You are too kind and I’m definitely considering nabbing this idea off of you and sharing other people’s blog posts in monthly wrap-ups! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • bookendsandendings says:

      You’re welcome!! You should, it’s actually so much fun – I saw other people doing it and thought it would be nice to spend the month gathering good posts when you spot them (like this one)! It’s always a pleasure to mention your posts 🙂 x


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