My Ideal Reading Space

Something that I think every bookworm has a secret dream of creating is the perfect reading nook. I know that my sister and I have discussed this on many occasions and I have so many thoughts on the matter, so I’m looking at Arhaus‘ selection today to show you my favourite pieces from their site, and hopefully inspiring some of you to think about your own ideal reading space.

I’ve decided to put together a little collection of images which I think summarises perfectly what my ideal reading space would be like, and I hope it really captures the mood I was aiming for of cosiness and curiosity!

ideal reading space.jpg

To make this moodboard, I collected a few pictures off Pixabay, as they’re copyright free, and I picked some that I thought really encompassed a cosy and bookish feel. This meant they were mainly photos that came up from a search on ‘books’, ‘bookshelves’, ‘sofas’ and ‘windows’. I think a window is especially important, as I much prefer to read with natural light.

I then picked out four items from the Arhaus website which I liked the best and thought would look perfect if I could create the perfect reading space in real life. The light fittingΒ (because even though I prefer natural light, it’s a little difficult to get that at night!) is just so pretty, and I thought it matched my favourite sofa really nicely. The sofa is L-shaped, which I love because then you can sit in the corner, stretch out your legs in one direction, and have a stack of books/tea/laptop on your other side (although there were loads of other great sofas in their sectional sofas section). I had to pick a nice armchair because I think all bookworms have fantasies of a comfy high-backed armchair with a big bookshelf (that was the library I would always create on Sims!).

And, of course, what reading nook is complete without a bookshelf? It was so tough to pick one from the selection on their website, but in the end I went for the one on my moodboard for several reasons. Firstly, the cool ladder – need I say more? Secondly, it has that gorgeous classical look that would make it perfect for a library-esque space. And finally, it’s curved with shelves in the front and at a diagonal angle on the sides, which means there would be plenty of space to store all my books.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I would definitely recommend making your own version of this post about your ideal reading space, as it was so much fun, and I would also recommend checking out the Arhaus website. I loved looking through their furniture, and even if you don’t need any furniture, their bookshelves are definitely worth having a look at regardless.


16 thoughts on “My Ideal Reading Space

    • bookendsandendings says:

      Noo you’re definitely not weird! I think it depends what you’re going for – I’d pick a big reading space if I made one specially as if I wanted a super small cosy space I’d wrap myself in a duvet and go for that! I think it’s super interesting how everyone likes different spaces πŸ™‚ there are probably infinite ideas for spaces that people could come up with.

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