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I’m excited to be doing the Social Media Tag on my blog today – a big thank you to Bex for tagging me a long while back! While this isn’t technically bookish, as it’s based around social media (haha what a coincidence!), I’ve gotten to talk about lots of bloggers, and I’ve been selecting bookish people – so there is still plenty of bookish love to be found here, and I would recommend all the blogs I’m linking to.

(Also, rather shockingly, I actually wrote this post in August, and then never got around to posting it! Although I read through and I still agree with all my answers.)

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Choose a blog or blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  • Tag others to do this (up to you how many).

The Categories:

Instagram – A Blog with a Design You Love

This one would have to be Reg from She Latitude. Her blog is beautifully laid out and coordinated, and her skill at matching colours and making things look pretty is only exemplified further in her amazing book looks, which I would seriously recommend checking out if you haven’t already seen them.

Facebook – A Blog with a Friendly Blogger

I met the wonderful Lia from Lost in a Story over Twitter, and found her blog from there, and she is so friendly that I had to say her for this question. She is super out there, always with a project on the go that people can get involved with, whether that’s a series of short story prompts or a blogger newbie series.

Twitter – A Blogger Who Could Just Write 140 Characters and You Would Still Love Them

I absolutely have to say Grace from Almost Amazing Grace for this. She just has such a way with words, and her writing is so excellent – she always managing to get right at the matter that she’s writing about, whether that’s a past relationship or societal pressures on women. I adore her blog, and would still love it even if her posts were 140 characters long!

YouTube – A Blog Which Keeps You Entertained

I love the blog of Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf, which always manages to keep me entertained. She’s just such a hilarious person (she has gifs of herself, she’s awesome), and that charisma and humour translates so well into her blog posts. There’s such a sense of character in her writing, so I’m constantly entertained while reading.

Snapchat – A Blogger Whose Updates You Can’t Wait For

This one is technically two bloggers, as they run the blog jointly, but twins Maddie and Bee from Heart Full of Books (both a YouTube channel and a blog) write such good reviews. Usually I wouldn’t be as excited over a blog that only does reviews, as I tend to like varied content, but honestly their reviews are just so good that I don’t even care, and am always mega excited to see they’ve posted. They’re both very insightful, and so I always come away thinking something new about the book, even if I’ve read it before.

Tumblr – A Blog Which is Very Diverse and Has Variety

Steph from A Little But A Lot is undoubtedly my choice for this one. She talks about a wide range of books on her blog, from picture books to middle grade and YA, and she’s always running different things, from guest posts every other week to a special series over the autumn.

Pinterest – A Blog Which is Full of Creativity and Inspiration

Okay, this wasn’t against the rules, so I’m going to nominate Bex from My Shelf and Myself, even though she nominated me. I love her photography that she does for her blog (I don’t know how she does it, she has a lot of natural flair for it, I think), and there’s such a wonderful variety of posts on her blogs; I always feel inspired by her blog.

I’m going to do the same as Bex for this and tag the people who I mentioned above (apart from Bex, of course), as I think that’s a fun way to do it. No pressure to do it if you don’t want to, though, as it’s not strictly bookish – although if you liked the look of this tag, then I’m tagging you!


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