This or That Tag


One blog that does a lot of tags which are really entertaining is Lia from Lost in a Story. She often ends the tag by saying that anyone who wants to do it can do so – and of course when they look fun, I always want to. A while back in December 2016, I bookmarked a bunch of tags from her blog that I wanted to try out, and sadly didn’t get round to them till now, but here is the first of the bunch – the This or That tag!

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Blogger Recognition Award


I was delighted to spot about a month or so ago (I’m terrible at doing tags in a timely fashion!) that my lovely friend Steph from A Little But A Lot had tagged me in the Blogger Recognition Award, and my WordPress hadn’t notified me that she’d linked to my blog! Eventually I realised, as I saw that the post was a referrer to my blog, so I knew that I had to the award – it always feels like such an honour to be thought of by a blogger friend for something like that.

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The Book Blogger Award Nominations


Credits to Joce for this image!

Joce from Write Through the Night announced at the beginning of this month that she was holding a set of book blogger awards, to celebrate book bloggers as awards so often tend to be for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I thought this was wonderful, and such a positive thing to do for the community, so I knew I wanted to make some nominations! I also wanted to say thank you to Joce for nominating me for Best Book Reviews, it made my day. You can find out more information here, from what the categories are to how you can nominate.

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