Guest Post: A Female Author I Admire #FeministFebruary

Earlier this month, as part of a celebration of women gaining the vote for the first time in February 1918, I participated in a celebratory series run by Jo of My Little Library in the Attic. I really enjoyed writing a piece on a female writer I admire (my choice being Louise O’Neill), and so I thought I would share the opening paragraph here, as well as a link to the full post.

Feminist February – A Female Writer I Admire

When I saw that the prompts for Feminist February were a female writer I admire or a feminist book I love, the first person who sprang into my mind was Louise O’Neill – a particularly good choice for this as not only do I really admire her, but to my knowledge, all of her books are splendidly feminist.

Louise O’Neill is an Irish writer, who writes both YA and adult fiction. At the moment, her published works are Only Ever Yours (described as The Handmaid’s Tale meets Mean Girls, and the YA book I have reread the most) and Asking For It (in which a popular teen is raped at a party and then the perpetrators upload photos online – I have not reread this one, as it is utterly harrowing, but it does have such an important message).

Click here to read the full post! (And while you’re over on Jo’s blog, do be sure to check out the rest of Feminist February, as well as her other blog posts)


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